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My Name is Chris
I really enjoy playing video games.
My motherlanguage is German but you can always talk to me in English.
I love playing rpg games. My favorite games are Minecraft, Skyrim and the Destiny series.

Usually I stream on twitch but i like to try new stuff.
I hope and try to make everyone feel welcome here.
Here should be nice place where people can forget real life for a moment and just relax.
help and support one another.
So don't ever feel afraid to write in the chat when I'm live.
On this stream we are all in for positivity, so if you are being toxic or disrespectful either to me or someone in chat.

- Spamming gifs will get you sent to the Ranch!
- No sexual gifs, it will get you sent to the Ranch too!
- No verbal sexual harassment!
- Be nice and respectful to everyone in chat (me too please)
- Don't be racist/homophobic.
- Links are allowed with permission from me
- Don't ask me to play Pubg, Fortnite or CS:GO cause I won't!!!
- German/English only chat

!uptime - Displays uptime of the current livestream
!dice - Rolls a six-sided dice.
!card - Draws a random card.
!coinflip - Flips a coin.

!Instagram - follow me
!steam - add me
!dc- join

!beer - see what happens

- I will drink responsable, alcohol is not everything
- I´ll take a shot of harder Alcohol when you tip me 50 linos
(more = more shots)
- And a sip of my Beer for a follow (as always)
- If we laugh hard, you have to take one!!

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