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Passion, Purity & DLove ; ) on Dlive
Its about PPL
Passion, Purity & Love <3
DLove for ; ) my Precious 🌸

Passion : ) Lives

Purity : ) Try it and find out for yourself

Love : ) Life is worth Living

May God Bless You, Protect you from Evil and lead you to EVER LASTING LIFE <3

Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi!
Looking forward to chilling on your stream, too!

10 Comandments are your Holy Moral,
Ethic Code of Conduct!
Please be respectful of others.
Take No Offense and give no offenses!

Please no Links in the Chat without permission first.
God Bless you! God Bless the USA

Stream Times
2020 Its about Vision

Its time to get Focused

The Link above is for Star of Bethlehem

Updates have caused issues that are preventing me from streaming for long periods of time.
RAM is on the way and hopefully that will address my issue. Say a Prayer, please.

I will attempt to stream at these times: )

Monday Mornings: ) Coffee and Me!
Chit Chat About it : )

Wednesday Eve; ) 8:00PM est hope to see you my Precious!

Fridays; ) Fast & Prayer for Justice to be served and Truth to Prevail. What is Your Truth? Mine rest in the Lord who is my Savior, who loves me unconditional and forever!

Time is not on my side because I tend to waist too much of it. Therefore I'm up for grabs on other stream times.

Discord Invite: itsaboutppl

Thank you very much for sharing your time with me. I love you all and pray for each of you to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Hope, our True Lover, our Most Charitable Giver, who gave us his very life that we may live. I hope to live up to His expectations. But remember this is the area of Redemption and we are a fallen PPL ; )

Much Love to all of you ; ))
Its About PPL Other Dlive Streamers & I'm LUV'em : )