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Hey guys welcome to our Channel. Allena and I just love playing games, particularly Minecraft. We are both in high school, one more month till we graduate. We are 18 years old and its like to have fun play games and chat with our viewers. We try to stream everyday but would really appreciate some help with scheduling so we can be live when you guys are free and have the time to stop by and say hello in our stream.

A goal of ours rn is to get 200 followers are DLive so please follow if you would like to. We also have a youtube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFe83uLptWAHJtOsjxqgxKw ?) and feel free to watch some of our older live streams on there. If you guys have any suggestions on what games we should play, or how our streams could look better, any suggestions would be appreciated.

We also have donations available but its not set up to pop up on the screen. We are working on becoming more professional as we grow but any donation is appreciated.
DONATION LINK: Right now I'm saving for a life, god knows I need one, donations will certainly help!
Paypal email: isabel22mejia@gmail.com