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🗨️here it were you can contact me if you have a Question or if you wont to stream to stream to gather or just meet up in a game

🗨️ rust.stevenson@gmail.com

🗨️/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/james121212/

🗨️ https://twitter.com/jamesst23970639

🗨️ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100029679682457
Here is the times I stream at

🎦Monday// 6pm/3am

🎦Tuesday// 6pm/3am

🎦Wednesday// 6pm/3am

🎦Thursday// 6pm/3am

🎦Friday// 6pm/3am

🎦Saturday // 7pm/3am

🎦Sunday // n/a
🔸Here you can see wen i go live and wen i am live next.

🔸I also live stream to Facebook so if you cant watch on Dlive you can watch there.

🔸now remember to follow on Facebook and all of the u there platforms i am on to stay up to date.
Here are the Rules you shod follow will watching.

👀Be awesome//

👀No Self-Promo//

👀No racism//

👀No hate speech//

👀Be kind to others//

👀No swearing

👀No spamming

🔹Processor: AMD FX(tm) eight-core
🔹Processor 4.7GHz
🔹overclocked up to 4.8GHz]
🔹Graphics Card: 8GB EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 RGB EDITION
🔹Motherboard: MSI 970 GamingEdishon
🔹Memory: 32GB (4x8GB) Corsair
🔹Storage 1: windos 500GB ssd
🔹Storage 2: 400GB ssd
🔹Storage 3: 1TB soled stat drive
🔹Storage 4: 500GB soled stat drive
🔹CPU Coolers: Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240L RGB
🔹Power Supply: Cooler Master 1000W barons Addison
🔹Case: cooler master H500P ATX
🔹Mic: Rode Nt-usb
🔹kebord: Corsair K95
🤑Here is what the funds go to and that Donations can do to help the stream

🤑now games and dlcs fore game

🤑now Equipment and items fore the stream

🤑helping to pay the dills each week

🗨️Here is were i post wen i am live and what is happening on my stream.

🗨️and you can stay up to day with what is happening on my life and what i am doing.

🗨️if i am not live and you are wondering way you can find out more here so remember and follow to now what is going on

⏪Here is were i up lode all the past live streams sow you can wotcha them if you missed out on eny

⏪and remember to follow me on YouTube to see what i uplode and fore now videos and wen i go live on YouTube

⏪THINGS you mite find


⏪live streams

⏪videos recordings

⏪and lots more
🗨️here is were you can chill out and Mack friends & have some good old fun times

🗨️and many you can join me in may stream if you are lucky