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About the Goblin you're listing too
just a random Goblin playing games =) hope you enjoy it =) and if you have any ideas for games I should try let me know =) I'm always up for something new =) same goes for music. mostly listen to rock, metal, edm and the like.

Coffee is Life Bacon is Love

Heathen heart
Pagan pride
Faring far
Sword by Side

Tribal times
Northern nights
Hidden high
Runic rites I was told

Hold the heathen hammer high
First Lemon: Spatha1964
First Ice Cream DazeRick (the lemon spammer now) goes by Overlxrd today https://dlive.tv/Overlxrd
First Diamond: same asshole as Ice Cream
First Ghini: E9mmusic. goes by JoshuaRhythmic now (thanks my dude you're AWESOME) https://dlive.tv/JoshuaRhythmic
First Jet:
First BTT Donation Marc-Gaming-Chat https://dlive.tv/Marc-Ganing-Chat sry about the alert not working my dude I fixed it now =D
Affiliate 21/8-19
First Sub: RatherAverage https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxvRWLVFoe1Lo9uaTa96RaA
Follower nr
100: GGRGlobusuna https://dlive.tv/GGRGlobusuna
200: saba_min https://dlive.tv/saba_min
300: EVANR27 https://dlive.tv/EVANR27
First GP to follow me and nr 400 too ALilDemonic https://dlive.tv/ALilDemonic
420 smoke weed everyday Marv888 https://dlive.tv/Marv888
500 RicVeiga https://dlive.tv/RicVeiga
600 no idea because it happened while I was in hospital. but thanks who ever it was.
700 Gategamingph https://dlive.tv/Gategamingph
800 RockRadio https://dlive.tv/RockRadio

this is the dude that done my overlay and panels. he's a great guy and does awesome works. pls go show him some love.
Jase my dude you've helped me more then you know my dude.
Brozbncgaming one of the ppl I'm proud to call me my friend and an amzing dude too https://www.youtube.com/c/BrozBnCGaming

Indy is a chill stream that likes playing Hunt https://dlive.tv/indy

Prophetroll the only Troll worth knowing GREEN SKINS SHALL RULE THE WORLD https://www.twitch.tv/prophetroll

WaterfieldGaming this dude is worth checking out nomatter what kind of content you into he loves talking to ppl and makes so sweet art https://dlive.tv/WaterfieldGaming

AbitBackwards he's ready for some fun and wants to make sure you enjoy yourself so go give him some love as he has shown me some love https://dlive.tv/AbitBackwards

MickyDee yet another chill stream super helpful and tries to get to know everyone of his viewers https://dlive.tv/MickyDee

Overlxrd a salty crazy aussie that is up for a good laugh https://dlive.tv/Overlxrd
DarksideoftheBear one of those ppl everyone likes and not scared to speak her mind keep on rocking sexy- https://dlive.tv/DarksideoftheBear

Method a super chill streamer unless he's pvping which makes it even funnier when he does curse https://dlive.tv/Method

Malignity is the place to be if you have a dirty mind and like the THICC https://dlive.tv/Malignity

The Elder Gamesman the place to be super chill dude and always have time to talk https://dlive.tv/The_Elder_Gamesman

Joeshimotv the man the myth the legend follow him where ever he's worth it https://www.twitch.tv/joeshimotv

Madlyinvincible she's one of those ppl that always makes you smile and you just like having around so yeah if you wanna smile more go here https://www.twitch.tv/madlyinvincible