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Hey guys - Joebacca here - Full-time Dad - Part-time Streamer and Dreamer - currently streaming to Twitch, Mixer and Dlive with native Xbox Streaming. Currently at just under 850 followers on mixer, but really want to expand my twitch and Dlive.

i play alot of competative game, but at Protatoe skill level, lol. I like Fortnite, blackops,RealmRoyale, but prefer more interactiveand story games like Red Dead or Hellblade. Also Graveyardkeeper.

Im not the best at describing me, Im just me, im rough gruff and not afraid to use some harsh words. What makes me dofferent is im not faking anything, im just me, and thats all i will be.

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Casual gaming at its best! Join Joebacca, the beast from the east, for casual gaming and epic encounters - Warning Coarse Language will definitely Occur, and is Rated 18+ for your saftey!

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