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The why.
Hi there!
I go by the name of Kai on mmo's and Joe in IRL.

I've got this idea about saying out your thoughts loud, which helps you structure them[1]. I want to use this while i play, study and what else.. HANG OUT WITH YOU!

Things we will do!
-Learning programming (beginner C++)
-World of Warcraft Vanilla/Classic (beginner there too)
-Interested in discussing; Productivity, exercise, culture, philosophy basically anything..

Right now
I'm figuring out how to stream, so setting up things and googling questions is what's happening :D


+Be kind, learn/teach to disagree in a good way.
+No spamming
-?More to come?


References. ehm
[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXJ-zpJeY3E

Shout out to Zynta who got me here!

The How
My interests!

To name a few things I'm passionate about, real fast.

+The ever changing society.
I listen to
-Tim Ferriss podcast
-YouTube <3 Our TV
-Audio Books/ Articles (God among information in our day and age)
-Japanese comics/ Manga!!!!
-Regular Comics (Transmetropolitan <3)

-I've been working out without the gym
for the past 6 year. I've gotten a bit creative and also use YouTube for guided exercise. (Fitness Blender on YouTube! and Zuzuka <3)

I have hard time finding games i can stick to. I start them, learn about them a lot! And I end up switching to something else. But I've surprisingly stuck to an MMO.

Had to choose between
-Elder Scrolls Online
-Final Fantasy the mmo
-Guild Wars 2.
What else is there? Wow.. Naaah

After researching for 2 weeks (I wish i studied for two weeks), I got to know that;

-Bethesda likes fudging people, so they can't have my money.
-Final Fantasy is a best "theme parked" game.. It was a comment somewhere..
I understood it as that it's for "cute" people. KUWAIIIII
So it became GW2 or should i say, Fashion wars.

I want to learn Computer Science and start a business or join Google and change the world.. but you know.. Focus.
where do you get that? anyone? anyone?

I'm a beginner on C++
Would love to become better at maths, core concepts on different things in our world and maybe learn how to manage a business and people who work with you.

But all starts with you learning to manage yourself, right? ;D

How to meditate
Put this on, the Stopwatch, not the alarm or the timer!. Start it and sit there as long as you can.

There are two types of mediation.
1. Focus training. Bring back your attention as soon as it deviates. (You will get tired from this. i.e. you are more prone to irritation and anger after a session of this. (You get angry after meditation, NO WAY maayne!!!) yes way. so don't do it unless you are well rested.

2. Contemplation, also called Meditation.
You sit there, up right, back leaned towards something, so you stay alert.
You let your head go.

You let your head go until you think of something "important / troubling". Now you think about that more actively. Take notes? or just think on it till you can't then start over. BUT, if you think of something random, just bring back your attention.

Let me know if I should remove or add anything.