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Rerun of replay - streamer is offline
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Hey guys im Kevjrobbo!
I'm a Dlive streamer that moved to this platform after streaming on twitch for 12 months (Literally the best move I ever made).

Im Just a normal guy for the UK with a passion for streaming, determined to make something and never let anything stand in my way!! I play a variety of games but mostly FPS and horror (A little bit of everything really)

I'm sarcastic as hell, always enjoy having a laugh and also have that serious side when its needed!

But seriously yes I can act abit of an idiot on stream but that's purely for banter, if anyone want to talk about anything from mental health to what colour underwear I would recommend feel free to drop me a DM. Im not a judgmental person and nothing more I like more than to make at least one person smile every day.

I'm 100% loyal to anyone that shows respect as I'm a strong believer of treat people the way you wish to be treated!!

Feel free to take a look at my website
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All donations will go into improving the streams and ensuring I can produce better content.

-Respect mods/myself/others in chat.

-No spamming links in the chat.

-English only please (for moderation purposes). I can deal with the occasional 'Bonjour'.

-Feel free to ask to join, but don't be offended if I'm with friends or just feel like playing solo.
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