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About Your Host
A voice in the darkness seeking truth and searching for meaning. I'm an average Joe facing the same struggles, frustrations, and joys as you. A family man & patriot trying to make sense of the crazy clown world we live in.

Core Values:

* Embrace the Chaos & Ride the Tiger.
* Take care of yourself > so you can take care of your family > so you can take care of your community > so you can take care of your nation > so you can take care of the world. In that order
* Anti-intellectual - Return to common sense.
* Always be curious.
* Always be respectful - until it's time not to be respectful.
* Question everything.
* Speak truth - always. (Without fear).

Rules to Live by:

* Tough love over empty gestures
* Simple truths are the best - keep it simple
* Speak directly, plainly and simply at all times.
* Learn, be curious and humble in all things.
* Sin is in our nature, it's up to us to transcend
* Pain is one of life's best teachers
Chat Rules
Your participation is not only welcome, but encouraged! It's a dialogue people - a fellowship.

Try to watch your language... be mindful that younger viewers may be present.

Don't self promote unless you get an "ok" from me. Be a builder, not a taker.

Try to keep it positive and genuine. Save the anonymous bravado.

Don't spam links. Just asking for a ban, get an "Ok" - it's just good DLive etiquette.

Speak the truth, but be mindful..

Have fun and feel welcome! Extend that fellowship to all who come in good faith.
Show Schuedle
(Subject to Change)

Mon: 7 - 8pm EST
Tues: 7 - 8pm EST
Wed: 7 - 8pm EST
Thurs: 7 - 8pm EST
Fri: 7 - 8pm EST
Sat: "As the wind blows"

Live Call In:

Want to call in and join the discussion by phone?

Make sure you are in a quiet place and are using earbuds or headphones

You will be prompted to describe what you want to talk about by the call screener and put on hold - be ready!
Where I Stand
Issues List
(Subject to Change)

Religion: Wayward Christian
Politics: MAGA
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