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Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by, I really really appreciate you hanging out with me.
First things first, my name's Nate but you can also call me koko. Whichever is easier for you. c:

Most of the content I'll be streaming on dlive will be with my guitar.
I don't have any fancy equipment so I'm going to work my way up to having a legit channel for everybody that comes in to listen and hang out.

** I'm trying to make it a habit to open up the chest at the end of each stream and give a little back to my viewers by transferring a little more into it.
I usually stream anywhere between an hour to three hours. Please do not come into the stream and ask to open the chest! Cuz I'll just show you my actual chest if you do. :3

You can request songs and I'll try my best to learn them if I don't know it, but you can also take a look at my song list that I put together myself below.


If you would like to donate to me directly, please do so here @ https://streamlabs.com/kok0stream
These donations will go straight to my medication and everyday necessities.
Donations are not required but I definitely do appreciate them.
Please remember, there are no refunds for donations. Lino or paypal.

Also :: Follow me on twitter for some minor updates here and there


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Help me Reach my Follower Goal of the big 500! c: uwu

Milestone #1 05/15/2019 UPDATE : We successfully reached my first follower goal of 200 with the help of "thequartering" and his awesome viewers.
Also a huge huge huge thank you to "JXO" and "armyforlife" for spreading the word to help me hit that milestone! Please don't forget to give them a follow!

Don't forget, always be kind to one another! later days!

Say hi if they're around, they don't bite! these names are the ones I notice supporting me each time I go live. A BIG THANK YOU to these wonderful human beings.
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