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Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Konstantinos, I am 24 years old and I have been playing League of Legends since season 3.
During that time, I have hit Master and Grandmaster multiple times, I have played against the best players, pro and amateur, I have mastered every aspect of the game, I have gone through all the ups and downs of both climbing and living. Recently however, I decided to take a break from the game due to my carpal tunnel syndrome becoming unbearable and as a result I decided to focus on coaching.

A lot of players are struggling with depression, addiction, burnout, anxiety, stress, work-life balance, school, nutrition and much more, but nobody talks about that. Nobody talks about the importance of a healthy mind in a sport which is, mostly mental!

E-sports are expanding rapidly, the e-sports market cap revenue is expected to increase by 70% between 2019 and 2022 and the opportunities are more than ever. It will be a shame to believe that you can't go pro because someone told you that you can't do it, or because you yourself mistakenly think that it's impossible or perhaps because you developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Which is why, I decided to create my own personal programme which aims to address not only the game, but also the player.

Currently, coaching is completely free and it can be of any type and topic (VOD review, verbal, live etc.).

Due to commitments, I can only coach for up to 5 hours per week.
If you can't afford it, please still make an effort to contact me and I will figure out something.

Discord: krasser#3487
Please include your link with your message.

In all honesty, I truly believe that everyone can make it, everyone can accomplish their goals and dreams, so please let me help you anyway I can to achieve yours, and if you don't want my help fine, it doesn't have to be me, but please do me a favor, don't let this opportunity slip away, it's within your reach, no matter what everyone says.

See you and good luck.
Sunday - 6p.m ~ GMT/UTC+1