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About Me
I'm an IT professional who streams video games when he gets a chance. I'm a connoisseur of dank memes; although, due to my "old age", a lot of the memes I use on stream are stale. While I welcome fresh memes, don't be surprised if I ask you to explain them. /r/outoftheloop is practically my home page.

In addition to streaming, I also make YouTube videos and other online media. Online content creation is a hobby which I would love to turn into a full-time gig. Click this StreamerLinks link ( ) to view all of my social media accounts, alternate streaming platforms, and financial support pages on one page.


* Action-Adventure
* Racing
* Open World/Sandbox


Cloud Gaming PC: Shadow PC
Referral Code: ROBVED5W ($10 off your first month of Shadow).

Virtual Machine:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2678@2.5GHz
GPU: NVidia Quadro P5000

Cloud Storage: pCloud: 2TB of lifetime cloud storage
Referral link for one free month of pCloud Premium:
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is this stream listed as "for mature audiences only"?
I primarily play M-rated games, which are not suitable for children.

Can I play with you?
If the game supports it, certainly. Use command !invite for the rules & information on how to join me. Please be mindful that I may not respond to invite requests immediately, particularly if I am focusing on the game, etc. Additionally, I have sole discretion in determining if I do or do not play with you. No offense, but there are some days when I feel like streaming but don't want to play with anyone.

Can I request a song?
For copyright reasons, song requests are not permitted. Due to the prevalence of DMCA claims regarding copyrighted music, I took the following precautions:

* I have configured Pretzel Rocks to integrate with my stream
* I have bookmarked numerous Non-Copyright Sounds (NCS) playlists on YouTube

I generally pick a music source and let it run during the stream. The currently-playing song will be shown on stream as a Browser Source off to the side of the game. Pretzel Rocks' bot will also post the song information in chat when I'm using Pretzel Rocks (as per their ToS).

What are Dolans?
Dolans are the channel's loyalty coin. You earn:

5 dolans for every 10 minutes of watch time
10 dolans for following
25 dolans for every $1 tipped through StreamElements
100 dolans for hosting To check the leaderboard, go to:

Unfortunately, Dolans are only available on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube; as StreamElements does not yet integrate with DLive. However, as I use Restream to multicast my stream, you may see users on other platforms talking about them.
tl;dr: Just be cool.

Follow DLive's ToS and Community Guidelines

No requests for medical advice. I am not a licensed healthcare provider and am not qualified to provide medical advice. Use !halp or !shelp for more information and links to some resources. While I wish to remain supportive, repeated requests for mental health help or statements concerning self-harm or similar activities will result in a ban. I'm not your therapist, I'm just a dude on the Internet.

No self-promotion. Promoting my other content to other members is permitted ;)

No spamming the chat, typing in all-caps, etc. Exceptions for emotes and stream-appropriate meme spam ("F's in the chat", etc.)

Links are enabled in the chat, but malicious or NSFW/NSFL links are not permitted

No demands, whether for a certain game (game requests will be taken under advisement), style of playing a game (no backseat gaming), invites to play a game (use !invite and read the About section for more rules on invites), mod-ship (I'll reach out to a regular viewer when the time comes to add a mod), etc.

No repeated or intrusive inquiries about someone's personal life, threats of doxxing, etc. For example, asking "Where do you live?" is fine, as long as you accept whatever response is provided. Demanding an exact street location or an otherwise more specific answer than the respondent is comfortable providing is not ok.

Jokes, memes, etc. are permitted. Trolling, griefing, etc. is not permitted

Generally act like an adult. This stream is marked as Mature, so I'm going to assume you're an adult and hold you to that standard. If you're under 18 or an adult who is not of legal mental capacity, you shouldn't be watching this anyway. However, as I'm not your real dad and Twitch's age verification system does about as good a job as Paddy's Pub ( ), just be cool.

Disciplinary Actions
The following are a general guide. Serious rule violations will result in a ban, even if it is only your first offense. This primarily concerns NSFW/NSFL links and repeated/intrusive requests for personal information from myself, a mod, or another viewer.

First offence: warning

Second: timeout

Third: ban ( )
How can I support your channel?
The best way to support me is to provide feedback and commentary to help me improve my gameplay & streams. You can also follow me on social media, chat with me on Discord, and help build this community by sharing my content.
**Financial donations (tips) are appreciated, but not necessary.**

There are a number of ways of sending a tip to me:
* Donate through my Tip Page on Stream Elements ( )
* Donate Bitcoin (BTC) to bc1q3ytvuy0mp0j5pn0h8hz5j39qq8ev2ree84tg7g or use this handy QR code ( ).
* Tip me with BAT ( ) through Brave.
* Send a sponsored message through Loots. There is no cost to you to send this message, but I make up to $0.10 per message. Type **!loots** in the chat during a stream for more information.

**All tips are final and are non-refundable**.

Every $1 tipped through StreamElements grants you 25 dolans.

10% of StreamElements tips over $10 will go to Eden Reforestation Projects ( ), with the remainder going toward improving this stream. Lesser amounts will be retained for stream improvement. Unfortunately, for transparency/auditing purposes, numerous small tips by the same username or by multiple users acting "as one" cannot be "chained together" to make a qualifying tip for an Eden donation.