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Rules tl;dr: Just be cool, don't be a degenerate.
Please support my Tiltify campaign for Able Gamers!
AbleGamers is a non-profit which enables differently-abled gamers to play video games through assistive technologies and adaptive controllers.
How can I support your channel?
The best way to support me is to provide feedback and commentary to help me improve my gameplay & streams. You can also follow me on social media, chat with me on Discord, and help build this community by sharing my content.

There are a number of ways of sending a tip to me:
* Donate through my Tip Page on Stream Elements ( )
* Donate Bitcoin (BTC) to bc1q3ytvuy0mp0j5pn0h8hz5j39qq8ev2ree84tg7g or use this handy QR code ( ).

**Tips are appreciated, but not necessary.**
Tips are considered a gratuity for services rendered (entertainment), therefore they are not tax-deductible.
**All tips are final and are non-refundable**.
Full rules available at:
Be aware that you will be asked to complete a captcha to join the server (keeps the bots out).

If you are interested in becoming one of my moderators, you must be a member of my Discord. If selected to become a mod, you will be prompted for ID verification. ID Verification is provided through a secure third-party (CTection ); neither myself nor my mods will see (nor ask for) your ID.
** I am NOT looking for any mods at this time **

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