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Lillia currently lives in Texas; attended school at the University of Houston! Her most recent games have been Apex Legends and osu! Variety is the current focus, but roots are usually something shooter related!

This stream is primarily focused on playing shooters and aspiring to become a better player! You, the viewer, are always welcome to drop your input whether it be on the stream's quality or on the gameplay. There's always some inkling of truth behind every piece of advice! Don't get too rowdy in the chat >u< But Twitch chat chaos is inevitable, so what can you do?

Please stay awhile!~


Diamond in Paladins
#53300 in osu (mouse only)
3300 peak in Overwatch
Silver in League
Got a win in Fortnite
These are the rules you will have to adhere to in chat. Please abide by them or face your consequences! >:c

no racial slurs
no spammeroni!
respect everyone as much as you would want to be respected (that means if you're being a dick to everyone, you're letting them have the right to be a dick to you)
try not to be rude to each other :c When everyone is happy, the whole world is happy!
don't be negative. Negativity is not welcome on the stream. If you want to poke fun or banter with people, so be it, but if your attitude is "everyone is trash, and I'm so good that if someone kills me, they have to be a hacker" then you can leave. No one wants your sub, donations, or cheers.
no disrespecting mental illnesses and disorders. Using it as an excuse for just being an asshole will lead to punishments ;c And not the good kind.
uh, more will be added soon...maybe
Who are you?

Just a carefree, ditzy succubus with the ambitious goal of making everyone happy! C: And providing you with a great stream~

When did you start streaming?
April 2018! Tried streaming a couple of times in the past on laptop, but it was low quality Overwatch streams :c Built up a good amount of followers, but never went full-time. Got new compoot in February 2018, and started streaming after seeing Fortnite getting popular! Also got into Fortnite because it was getting so popular! Wasn't really good at Fortnite in the beginning, so it was a love hate relationship ;3

How old are you?

Not old enough. :c

Are you a trap?

Traps aren't real. Only crossdressers.

Are you a crossdresser?


Why do you sound like a dude?

Transgender! Workin' on trying to sound more feminine, though. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Insults are not allowed, and mean people in chat will be bannana'd.

I don't like your voice/transgenders.

Well, that's unfortunate! :c If there's something you like about the stream, feel free to express your feelings! Always willing to help make the viewing experience more enjoyable for you guys! Just no roodniss.

Why are your colors so weird?

Colorblind mode.

Are you colorblind?


How colorblind?

If colorblind mode is off, Rare and Epic rarity gear look the exact same (blue and purple).

What's it like to be colorblind?

Like this

When did you start playing Creative Destruction?

When the Steam version went free :D So around October 2018?

When did you start playing Paladins?

December 10, 2018!~
These links help support the channel by helping do revenue stuff if y'all click them! Description will be available for each link, tellin' ya what they do.

Streaming software: Currently using StreamLabsOBS, or SLOBS. If you're thinking about getting into streaming or know a friend who's still using regular old OBS, here's a link to download SLOBS and also supports the stream! SLOBS
Lilia plays on a NEW COMPUTER! Woot woot!:

Processor: i7-8700

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Mouse: Logitech G305

Mousepad: Glorious 3XL

Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow 2014

Headset: Some earbuds found in house drawer

Monitor: BenQ Zowie XL2411Z 144hz 1ms

Microphone: Blue Yeti

Webcam: Logitech C920