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Hi and welcome to my channel diving into the paranormal.

I dont ask for money but if i receive a donation it will go into making better videos and get better equipment to help me out in the paranormal world.

Thank you all for watching my streams do like the support from the greatest fans.

Big thank you from me to you.
My Content
IRL streams of paranormal investigations
Tarot Reading
Paranormal Talks
Gaming days
Fun times with chat
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Chat Rules
Hi everyone these are the rules of Channel
1. Be respectful to each other
2. Be respectful of my moderators
3. Be respectful to my Guests at all times
4. Please do not attack anyone
5. No name calling
6. If you can not participate in a respectful manor please join another stream
7. No self promo or follow for follow
8. You will be given one warning, you will be timed out if you cannot respect the rules you will be muted some warnings will not be given for violations
9. English only chat
10. No asking for the chest to be opened one can ruin it for all***
My Goals
12hr Charity Stream
7hr gaming stream + lemons giveaway
12hr charity stream +
Send a handwritten thank-you letter to followers+subscribers + lemons giveaway

Subscriber Goals
12 subscribers
Lemon sub-only giveaway
25 subscribers
Lemon sub-only giveaway

50 subscribers
500 lemons sub-only giveaway
12hr charity stream

100 subscribers
14hr Gaming charity stream + 1000 lemons 10sub-only giveaway
150 subscribers
Send a handwritten thank-you letter and a small gift to ALL my subscribers + 2500 lemons sub-only giveaway
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Herkese merhaba, bunlar Kanal'ın kuralları.
1. Birbirinize saygılı olun
2. Moderatörlerime saygılı olun
3. Misafirlerime her zaman saygılı olun
4. Lütfen kimseye saldırmayın
5. İsim takmak yok
6. Saygılı bir malikaneye katılamıyorsanız lütfen başka bir akışa katılın
7. Hiçbir kendini promosyon veya takip takip
8. Size bir uyarı verilecektir, kurallara uyamazsanız zaman tükeneceksiniz sessiz uyarılara ihlal verilmeyecek
9. Sadece İngilizce sohbet
10. Sandığın açılmasını istemek herkes için mahvedemez***