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About Me
A few things about me.

My real name is Matthew, the stream name is my last name and year of birth(no specific reason that has been it since the ps2 days)

I stream for fun. I play games for relaxing. Sometimes I play with other gamers.

I grew up with Atari and the 8 bit Nintendo.

Growing up couch play was a real thing, not so much anymore.

I started streaming games I played to make up for that.

At the moment I don't know how often I will be streaming. I like a variety of games. Not big on FPS. I like alot of adventure games.

So come on let's chill and chat!

Nothing is off limits, everything is permitted.

Well almost everything!
Rules of Engagement
Don't be an ass!

We're here to have fun, so have fun.

No keyboard warriors! We all gonna joke!

A great philosopher once told me

"There is a thin line between tough and stupid".

Don't act stupid when your trying to prove your tough.

Have fun and No computer measuring I don't care how powerful it is.

Love, Peace, and Taco Grease (Quote from: Michelangelo, the ninja turtle)
Games I play
Games I enjoy to play:

Adventure games
Retro games

I'll give anything a shot though.