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Rerun of replay - streamer is offline
Let's find the aliens at Military Base!
PUBG ·English
Hello and welcome everyone to my channel! Thank you so much for coming on by! So I know you all might be wondering… Am I really Amish? Do Amish even have Lords? I’ll let you decide.

I’ve been streaming for a year now while working full time so I do my best to keep somewhat of a streaming schedule!

Here in my channel we like to keep things fun and exciting! So go on and say hi! I won’t bite! I enjoy chatting with each and every one of you!
1. Let’s keep things PG in here! Swearing can and will be muted. If you join up in our party for games I just ask for you to be keep it clean and keep a positive attitude!
2. No racial slurs or attacking other people in chat. You will be muted immediately.
3. No links without asking permission and no promotion of your stream or someone else’s.
4. The only spamming allowed are lemon spams!
5. Feel free to raid, just please don’t sit there and shout out your channels name.
6. Have fun!
Stream Schedule!
Monday: 10AM-1PM EST

Tag-A-Long Tuesdays:
2PM-6PM EST (Viewers can join in for a game or two of regular xbox PUBG)
730PM-Midnight EST (Custom games in PUBG such as Bumper Cars, Road Warriors, Fight Club, Zombies, Pistols and Winchesters only!)

Wed and Thurs: 2PM-6PM Might even catch an all day stream!

Fri-Sun: No planned streams but be ready for surprise early morning/late night streams!

Subject to change due to work/illness/events so keep an eye on socials for any change to weekly schedule!
DemonicAmish Underlords
DemonicAmish Underlords are held to a higher standard when it comes to streaming. First and foremost an Underlord must always be having fun! An Underlord having fun means that their viewers will also be having fun! We at the Dominion want to lead by example for all ages! It’s quite important for us that not only because of our younger viewers but for everyone that we want to cut out any swearing in our streams. There isn’t any need for us to swear to have fun streaming! Within the Dominion we rally around those that need help. If there is someone within or outside of our community that we can help we will do what we can for them!. As we continue our streams with newer ideas and newer technology we will continue to push forward and lead the way for future streamers!

Nuclear Vikings
I was invited to join a wonderful community as part of their awesome stream team!
"We have an excellent community for gamers and streamers that feels just like family. Our reason of coming together is to inspire and unite people using gaming and streaming as a platform. Vikings are ready to welcome you in, what we all have in common is our love for games, people, community and some top quality chat; creating pockets of space on the internet where people feel at home and can get involved."

They also have a team channel that you can check out as well! Dlive.tv/NuclearVikings

Be sure to check out their discord channel as well! https://discord.gg/k3ytmR4

Can't forget about their website too! https://nuclearvikings.com/