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About Me
First Gaming Memory: Getting my original NES on Christmas...Mom worked in the video department of a grocery store so i grew up playing anything from Mario to Megaman. Looking to my left I'll name some NES games that bring back memories:

Gremlins 2
Monster Party
Dragon Warrior
Festers Quest
Goonies 2
And of course the Mega Man's and Marios (Not to mention a SLEW of others, wanna know more, just ask! :).
These built the foundation of where i am today. Just a gamer that loves to game!
My Setup
The Cool Stuff:
Case: Fractal R5 (Nice and Quiet :)
Proc: I7 6700k
GPU: Dont get mad bro, im rollin' AMD! R9 390
HD: Samsung 250GB M.2 (Shoulda got a 500!)
Speakers: Klipsch 2.1 from BBY...best speakers money can buy! :)
Router: Asus AC5300....Thing looks like a friggen spider!!
Headset: SteelSeries Arctis 3, Cloud 2's for the gal which are good too! :)
Heat Sink: Hyper Evo 212. Have done Corsair water cooling in other buids but saved some money with this, its great!
Cooling: 3 Noctua fans (Expensive, but 1 on cpu and 1 intake and 1 exhaust. Super Cool/quiet!
Ram: Nothing Special, just 32gb
Mobo: Went cheap here with a Gigabyte Z170 SLI...Though I'm not SLI'ing haha
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NES Favorites
My first Console ever...So many years did i spend in the basement playing while the kids were outside playing; wouldnt change it for anything! :) I already named a few in my about me, but I'll share some more:
Little Nemo: Dream master
Monster Party
Castlevania: Dracula's Curse
Monster In my Pocket
Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?
Adventure Island 3
Zelda...both of them! :)
Ghost and Goblins
Megaman...all of them!!
Duck Tales
Punch Out
Chip and Dale
Lolo 2
Kid Icarus
Krusty's Funhouse
Im sure there are more....no dissin guys... and gals..Metroid didnt make the cut for me :)
Sega Favorites
My Second Console ever owned. I wish i never sold it. So many memories staying up laying in bed playing...I had a little TV in my room i played on! So many great games, I'm sure I'll forget some:
All the Sonics, but especially Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles and Sonic Spinball
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Earthworm Jim
Contra Hard Corps
Aladdin, dont dis it until you try it!
Zombies ate my Neighbors
Splatterhouse 3
Wonderboy: Lost in Wonderland
Monopoly (Haha classic but fun!)
I'm sure there are more...but its been years....

SNES Favorites
Funny enough, I honestly think this is my favorite console...and i never even had it!!
Super Mario RPG
Zelda: Link to the past
Mickey Mouse: Magical Quest (Dont knock till you try it)
TMNT:Turtles in time
Chrono Trigger
EVO (Dont knock till you BEAT IT)
Mario Kart
Megaman X
Donkey Kong Country

Gameboy Favorites
Though only a few, my fat green original gameboy holds a big place in my heart with one of my favorite games: Zelda: Links Awakening. To name a few others the original Pokemon (blue), Milons Secret Castle, Super Mario Land, the Donky Kong Country with Diddy Kong and a few others I'm sure.
N64 Favories
Another console i didnt have but still houses many hours of my childhood growing up is the N64. Another short List but worthy of mentioning:
Diddy Kong Racing
Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Gauntlet Legends (SMASH!! Barb luv)
I think if i had the console i would have gotten more into 007 but everytime i played with everyone i got my ass handed to me. Thus the downfall of my "not being great at FPS's" begins haha.
Playstation Favories
My third/fourth consoles.... i was middle/high school school by this time and this introduced me to the Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Suikoden Franchises. I become fascinated the game styles of with the world of survival horror and also RPG's with probably my favorite game: Suikoden 2! Oh yeah, on to the list!:
Suikoden 1/2/3/4
Resident Evil 1/2/3/4 (Liked 4 on Gamecube more)
Silent Hill 1/2/3
Breath of Fire 3
Shadow of the Colossus
Grandstream Saga
Soul Caliber 2
Parasite Eve 1/2.
Brave Fencer Musashi.
IQ: Intelligent Cube
Technically i played Chrono Trigger and FFIV on PS with a collection package.
Street S8r (Screw Tony Hawk, this was easier!
Metal Gear Solid
As with all consoles I'm sure I'm missing a few, so many years :)
XBOX Favories
Yes after the PS1/PS2 I jumped on the Xbox bandwagon skipping the original xbox and thereafter skipping the PS3. Only a few games brought be in with the 360. The Gears of War Franchise, the only racing game I've really ever liked (Need for Speed: Most Wanted), Bioshock, and yeah thats about it...because around this time in high school through college I became savvy with computers and building them....some games that would have fallen into XBOX 360 were housed in a PC for my game playing enjoyment.
PC Favorites
Wow I've played a lot of games!! I'm going to try and list the games in order of around when i played them so you could see the growth:
Maniac Mansion
Cyber Storm
Ultimate Spin Doctor
Dungeon Keeper 1/2
Doom/Duke Nukem/Hexen

Asheron's Call I'd like to give its own little section since i played this game for 10 years or so. So many friends, experiences, losses, achievements; so many memories with building a monarchy and being one of the most respected on the server Harvestgain. Gt was the name. If any of you played, share your memories. After so long I grew apart from the game and the updates stopped coming but I'm glad they kept the servers running to jump back in now and then to relive some memories and see some old friends.

Diablo 1/2/3
Titan Quest
Dark Souls 3
Fallout 4

XBOX 1/PS4 Favorites
I group these together because I only have a few items but they have made an impact on where I am at my current gaming history. Destiny was the reason I got my Xbox 1 and i downloaded Tomb Raider when it was free and almost completed that. This was one of the first consoles I ever got close to a launch and it was to play Destiny with my cousin. It has been an on and off game that has made a lot of fun and frustrations.
This leads me to my most recent game on my newly purchased ps4: The Last Guardian. This has been something I had waited years for with Shadow of the Colossus being one of my favorite games. Fortunately it did not disappoint (Other than some camera angles and controls: the game story and how it progressed was a masterpiece. Here's to a promising game future and a great reflection of the past! *Toast*
Horizon Zero Dawn
God of War
Dark Souls