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🔥 St Jude PLAY LIVE Charity Stream 🔥
This stream is raising money for the St Jude PlayLive charity. They are dedicated to curing kids from cancer and they never charge the patient or their family's anything. If you would like to donate to St Jude please be sure to use this link when donating:
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Network with other content creators on Discord
Join my multi-platform discord server and network with other content creators. There are separate sections of the discord for each streaming platform including Twitch/Mixer/Dlive/YouTube and we also have self assignable roles to help identify what platform each person creates content on.
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About me
Hi, I am LURK24, I am a variety streamer. I like video games like Ark, Borderlands, Super Meat Boy, Super Stardust Ultra, Terraria, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Zelda, and many more. When i am not playing video games I like to leave my stream up as a networking hub for other streamers to network with each other. I already have a channel established on Twitch where i also run host raffles. I thought i would branch out to other platforms like YouTube and Mixer. Let's see how this goes!

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