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donations will never be asked for but if you would like to help a little to better the lives of animals in my care me and the animals would be very thankfull . any donations will be used to help pay for there food, meds, and other care items needed to get and keep them healthy. you can send direct donations to this link
about me
just a crazy lizard lover who takes in any unwanted ,un loved animals who need care and forever home. i am a widowed mom nothen special. just enjoy careing for and playing with animals , my plans are to start steaming mostly about how to care for reptiles and other animals hopefully teaching some the right way to care for them so there are not so many abonoded unhealthy ones out in the world, below i will post pics and info about some of my rescues cant put them all as way to many but will add differnt ones as time goes on

1 .be kind and respect each other
3. stickers are fine to use but do not spam the same sticker over and over 4. do not ask to open the chest it will open at random times when i see there is enough here chatting , meaning there will be no set time for it to open

you have to be streaming or have a replay to receive your winnings since lemons can not be sent to non streamers.

if you enter and win and not a streamer you can not receive the win because of dlives new rules sorry
Amazon wishlist
If you would like to help out with some items needed to help me care for the rescues i take in any help would be welcome. i take in these animals and give them the care they need to live long healthy happy lives in a forever loving home but costs of careing for them all add up fast so if you would like to help some it would mean alot to me
Starburst another rescue
hello my name is Starburst i am a happy boy who loves eatting super worms and i weigh 78 grams and feel great, but that wasnt always the case my old owner didnt care for me right when i came here to live i was only 10 grams from lack of food for some reason they thought 2 little crickets a week was enough for me but it wasnt, and i now live in a nice big warm tank with places to hide in unlike the tiny shoe box i was living in before
Noel is a leopard gecko rescue
my name is Noel i am a sweet loving girl who loves to just snuggle up on a shoulder for hours. i am loving my new home at Marys because i get love, food , warm big home all the things i never had before when i first got here i was in real bad shape from being kept on cold sand with no heat only given food and water once a week , i could not even hold my head up on my own i was so sick but now im doing great and loving my life
Blaze another rescue
Blaze is around 6 years old and due to not being cared for right she is very stunted in growth , lost over half of her toes, walked on her front elbows she could not walk on the front feet due to having mbd from lack of calcium and food. shes such a sweet loving girl who came to me very under weight and not able to walk at all but since being in my care has made massive improvements and is now living a happy safe life even useing her front legs again even thou they are still weak and bend the wrong ways when walking at least shes now able to move around
Binki another rescue
Binki is a beauitful little girl who came to me so thin that all her rib bones could be seen and she had no use of her back legs from impaction after being kept on sand but she is now walking normal and gaining lots of weight and doing great. and after checking when we got home she turned out to be a boy sorry for the girl name boy
lucky another rescue
lucky is a beauitful boy whos past owner only got him to use to feed another big lizard but he got very lucky and hid under a rock and was found 2 weeks later and just tossed out into a dumpster. but he was found by someone who called and asked me to take him in and he is now living a happy long life
Max another rescue
Max is a loving boy who came to me very underweight because his owner didnt notice that he was blind and needed help to find and eat his food but he has now gained weight and is doing very well at eatting worms and roaches from tongs as food is rubbed against his nose
R.I.P Hidy
sad to say by the time hidy reached my home she was to far gone for me to save her dispite my best efforts of dropper force feeding her 5 times a day. this was a result of her past owner not getting her the vet care she so badly needed she just wasted away a slow painful death when all she needed to get healthy was to be given a deworming med before she got paper thin and unable to eat on her own. if only i had got her sooner i could of got her healthy again
a very beauitful boy who is gaining weight fast up to 68 grams from the 9 grams he came to me weighing, he has fully recovered from a broken leg due to past owners son tossing him into the air for fun. he has learned to trust and love again
Dusty is a beauitful gold dusk day gecko he loves to be looked at but hates to be touched. He has went from a small skinny boy to a bright chubby one now they he has the proper heat and lights on him before comming here he had never been given the uvb light that he needed to thrive and bring out his beauitful colors
Emmie and Swifty
they are emerald swift lizards and they love hanging out together basking under there heat lamp
she was the star on the live aug 30th
Bumble and bee
bumble is on the left and her sister is on the right they are 2 months old now. there mom is one of the rescures i took in who was gravid and laied there eggs a few days after i got her
new bunnies ears i took in today
this is the best one of the 2 ears the poor thing can not even lift the ears up there is so much dried infection caked on them. his eyes are also infected. how on earth can anyone left there pet get in this shape grrrrrrrrrrrrr
a big beauitful now very healthy boy. he has come a long way in health in a few months time
shes always got a big smile on her face
R.I.P Lucky ? - 9-28-2019
not yet sure if this boy will make it or not but im trying my best to save him. the picture does not show how bad he really is . YOU WAS ONLY IN MY LIFE A SHORT TIME BUT I LOVED YOU BOY AND WILL MISS YOU SORRY I TRIED MY BEST TO SAVE YOU
you know its cold out when they put on there onesies lol