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1. Don't be a dick.
2, Be respectful to moderators.
3. Be respectful to each other.
4. Do not self promote!
5. Racism or discrimination = insta-ban.
6. No religious or political discussions.
7. Do NOT talk about Fight Club.
My Twitch handle stems from the name that Batman used to infiltrate the criminal underworld. I'm just an average guy that plays games at a below-average level. Okay, sometimes I'm pretty good.

I cuss a lot on stream. If you don't like that, I can honestly say that this isn't the right channel for you, but I wish you well in finding the stream that suits you.

However, if you're okay with the cussing and want to see a lot of different things you may not be used to, I'm your guy for the job!

I'm a variety streamer. You'll find a lot of different content here in the coming months! I play several different games with my viewers!
**All times are CST**
Mondays: 7pm - Midnight
Tuesdays: 7pm - Midnight
Wednesdays - 7pm - Midnight
Fridays: 7pm - Midnight
All donations are welcome! Thank you for your support! Without it, I would not be able to continue to grow!

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