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Just 15yo artist. I like doing photograpy and to do traditional art. i apriciate every one who comes here.
Sometimes gonna play some games when in mood.
I try to talk on strams and get used to talking with strangers also i try to improve my pronounciation so
active chatters would be apriciated.

So far non-existant XD
Don´t be asshole
keep guidelines in mind
× VirtualBacon1 - - tech / stram / dlive talk and game streams
× bellavivi - - art and chat strams

< 4yo Core i5
< Gtx 960
< Main 16:9 monitor
< Secondary 16:10 monitor
< Cheap mechanical keyboard
< Creative gigawoks t20 series II speakers
< Cardboard box as a case ( not really )
< Nokia 6.1 as overhead cam with some free app
< Blue Snowball
< Sony MDR-V55 headphones