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Who the frick am I?
First things first: I DO NOT PLAY Apex or Fortnite... nor do I play csgo or knight online!!!!
▶ Selin / 19 y.o. / Technical University of Berlin (currently in Istanbul)
▶ Playing LoL since the beginning of season 7
games I play other than that:
▶ Other hobbies: sleepin' and playin ma bass
▶ no tatas ⊙⊙ ! no butt-cheeks! nada!
▶ In love with music, mostly metal (70%) maybe some jazz and everyone's weak point: german rap. lol, sorry 'bout that...
▶ Other than german, turkish and english, I know a lil' bit of french (B2) for my fellow turkish friends

§ Do not talk about my weight!!!
§ No one can swear (other than the fcking streamer, who swears most of the fcking time)
§ No sexism, no racism, no disrespectful behavior and no politics
§ Be polite to ma mods
§ First timeout, then you'll get banned. well i also might act immediatly and ban you directly

Help me out:
▶ New games, better equipment and a lil' help for my beer belly (5% of the donation)
You can support me with twitch prime too (hehe it's cheaper if you didn't know) -> !prime

With a minimum of 3 liras (0.50€) and 50 bits your message will be shown on the screen

Ma setup:
▶ Monster Abra A5 V13.3 laptop (16 GB RAM, 2TB HDD, i5 8th gen, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti)
▶ Webcam: Logitech C920
▶ Mouse: Steelseries Rival 110
▶ Headphone: Steelseries Arctis 3 7.1

i'd rather use a ladypad instead of this 3-lira-mouse-pad (0.49 € to be exact), so pls help me out with that :)