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I am Meta from Metalevels!
Games have always been an important part of my life, which is why I started Streaming in November 2019.
I also do fabulous Cosplay, so check out Twitter and Insta for regular Updates, unnecessary things and Photos! :D
I speak English, German and Portuguese, so don't hesitate to ask me or chat in these languages.
Hope you enjoy it here and most importantly have fun!
1. RESPECT and be nice to each other, especially the Mods.
2. DON'T be a Dick. Seriously Don't.
3. NO to Racism, Fascism and Discrimination in any way.
4. NO Spam.
5. NO Flirting
6. NO begging for chest opening.
7. Enjoy! :)
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Fun Pause Screen:
What is lipedema?

Lipedema is a disorder where there is enlargement of both legs due to deposits of fat under the skin. Typically it gets worse over time, and it comes with pain.
I suffer from Lipedema Stadium 2 in both legs and upper arms, which cause pain, heavy, swollen legs and a big touch pain sensitivity on the skin and easy brusing.

Why asking for donations?

My insurance does not cover the costs, as a liposuction is not in their catalogue, even though this is the only successful treatment for extinguishing the pain without return.

Why not just do sport and diet?

It does not work, because this fat is damaged, so I cant be melted away from calorie reduction or sport. This actually can make it worse. I am super skinny in the upper body.

Whats the effect?

When the damaged fat gets removed, I will be free of pain and compression socks, which I would have to wear my entire life (what the insurance covers btw lol) which slows down the process, but does cure nothing.
I will need at least 2-3 surgeries, as not all sections can be done in one sitting.

I could get a new life with this surgery!
Note: This has NOTHING to do with beauty surgery because I feel fat or something.