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I only turn this camera on when I am doing something that I cannot show on other platforms (showering, going to the bathroom, etc). It will just display a black screen if I am not using it
Q. Why are you live-streaming your entire life for a year straight?
A. I thought it was a really interesting idea, and when I realized nobody else was doing it I decided to try it.

Q. Is there anything you don’t show?
A. I show everything that I'm allowed to within dlive's TOS. Beyond that, I stream my sleep on Youtube and my showers and bathroom usage on Robotstreamer.com

Q. How do you make money?
A. I just launched a merch line and added a donation button recently; but, for the most part, I’m living off of savings. I made most of my money by winning a cash prize off MTV’s Fear Factor S2E9

Q. Technology?
A. My camera is a Sony FDR X-3000 and I stream using a LiveU solo unit and two Nighthawk Modems. I stream from the LiveU server to the Super Stream System Server to Restream and then to Youtube, Twitch, and dlive simultaneously.

Q. When did you start?
A. January 1st, 2019

Q. Are you going to continue live-streaming after this project is over?
A. I haven’t decided yet…