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i'm minddetox aka brooke. im new to streaming and ive learned so much already from the amazing people here in the dlive community. i'm passionate about helping others find their voice and also becoming aware of my own. the driving force in my life has been a desire to relate harmoniously to everyone and a passion for making effective change in the world. i used to do talk radio and i'm not really sure why i stopped. i do know the past 10 years have been the most challenging and i'm blessed to be here today. i also love to play halo and it's pretty much the only game ive ever gotten into besides a few others. i found dlive when i asked my cousin where i should stream my live talk shit show and he recommended this site. the idea of noncensorship (not too sure if this is accurate) and blockchain is what attracted me here. i've followed cryptocurrency since the beginning and it's fascinating to see it unfold. a week after I joined dlive they announced that halo infinite would be released around September of next year... talk about a huge surprise. so, I will be streaming halo for sure and i'll also be discussing a variety of topics like ethical sex practices (esp), health and wellness, cryptocurrency (shred the feds & crypto for cash), music, energy, gaming, telepathy, comedy and much more. Ive made the decision to invest my time into helping the dlive community in whatever way I can, so if you need assistance with anything please just ask. I feel we are all at an advantage being on this platform so early.

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xbox gamertag: minddetoxDlive

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