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I'm Reckless, nice to meet you :)
I'm a 29 years young variety streamer from Yorkshire, England. Huge fan of the survival genre and story based games but also love shooters (this will be rage inducing so watch at you’re own risk! 😀).

I started gaming as young child in the 90’s on the Sega Mega Drive, before moving onto the playstation/gameboy, and even later onto PC gaming in 2015/16. Despite the many years of gaming experience I still play like a noob, however if you’re into average gameplay and great music then pull up a seat and we’ll get the kettle on!

Bush creeper, Taco eater, Box poker, Feet pic extraordinaire.
I want to keep this community a fun place for everyone, i hate having "rules" but here are just a few things to keep the chat positive and keep the dickheads out :

- The chest will be opened at random with small amounts, please don't ask for it to be opened as this may result in a timeout or mute.
- Please don't come in just to self promote, or drop links to other streamers. I regularly shout out my friends anyway and prefer if people come in and get to know us first.
- Please don't harass or be rude to others, this will result in you being muted.

Should you wish to donate via streamlabs rather than donate lemons you can do so by clicking the image above.
There is never any expectation to donate but if you do so this will likely go towards new games, any upgrades that are needed, or even a bottle of gin/rum/whiskey for our drunk friday streams!