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hi my name is joseph and I am a game loving family man I have one little girl that is 4 you will see her pop up in my streams and I have another on the way . I try to stream as much as possible and I plan to make this a career some day but for now I just have fun gaming I like to play call of duty and zombies and overwatch, fortnite,i like to play almost anything and if I'm ever streaming and you would like to join don't hesitate to ask if you can join the more the better if there is any other question that you wanna ask go right ahead oh the pet added to my stream is my little girls doing she has a dog named nemo and thus that's my pet not a husky but still a pet to my twitch stream and thanks for stopping by to check out my stream and have a good day

all I ask of everyone is to respect my channel and my viewers don't come in and think you can talk smack or disrespect my fam if you do you are out and banned if you want to do shout outs please hit me with a follow and stick around for a lil bit and build a bond with me other than that enjoy my stream