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Movie syncs are an underground and almost completely unknown art form. Some think they are made intentionally and others call it coincidental. You can decide for yourself after experiencing the sync. I've seen some syncs that are so amazing it's hard to call it a coincidence.
A sync typically is an album from said band played from the beginning of a movie and repeated till the end. I myself have created a few of my own by selecting the soundtrack from individual songs and ordering them as i saw fit. They are a great way to experience your favorite movie in a new way. Stick around and see for yourself what you think.
I hope to find an audience for these and possibly turn this into a 24 hour channel for people to tune in when every they want.
Sync Movies
Movies synced to music!

If You're a Pink Floyd fan you may have heard the myth that the Dark Side of the Moon if played on repeat will go along with The Wizard of OZ. Well i first watched it in 1999 and was immediately convinced, not sure if the psychedelics helped (LOL) but I've seen it many times since and find it an enjoyable and different experience. Many years later searching the net i found leads to more syncs and from bands other than Pink Floyd too. I've even created a few of my own custom syncs with Pink Floyd music for the soundtrack. Below are a list of titles that will play on this channel. Be sure to follow and come back when you're having a chill session ;)

DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW – Dark Side of the Moon (1973) with The Wizard of Oz (1939)
A+ (Gold Standard Sync!)

ALICE ON THE WALL – The Wall (1979) with Alice in Wonder Land (1951, Animated Classic)
A+ (One you never heard about but NEED to see!)

DEATH OF KONG - Roger Waters - Amused to Death (1992) with King Kong (1933)
B+ (Great Sync, Music fits the Mood)

FLOYDTASIA - Works (1983) with Fantasia (1940)
A+ (Perfect movie for a Sync, the end sold it for me)

PINK SUBMARINE - Relics (1971) with The Beatles' Yellow Submarine (1968)
A+ (It just makes sense, trippy, enjoy)

WISH FOR A WONDERFUL LIFE - Wish You Were Here (1975) with It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
B+ (Music fits the mood, a whole new way to enjoy this classic)

SLAYER SYMPHONY - Us and Them - Symphonic Pink Floyd (1995) with Dragonslayer (1981)
A+ (Symphonic Pink Floyd is Orchestral Music, that works with this movie SO WELL!)

THE DAY THE SECRETS STOOD STILL - A Saucerful of Secrets (1968) with The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
B+ (Great elements though out)

ANIMALS OF CASABLANCA - Animals (1977) with Casablanca (1943)
A+ (One of my favorites, if you're a fan of Animals it's must see)

IN THE FLESH OF APOLLO -Roger Waters - In the Flesh (2000) with Apollo 13 (1995)
B- (Interesting, enjoyable for fans of Apollo 11)

WAR AT THE GATES OF DAWN - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967) with The War of the Worlds (1952)
A+ (Another of my favorites, Piper fans will love it)

A FLOYD ODYSSEY - Meddle (1971) with 2001 - A Space Odyssey (1968) (LAST 20 MINUTES ONLY)
A+A+A+ (it's better than Dark Side of OZ!!!)

MUSIC FROM METROPOLIS - Ron Geesin & Roger Waters - Music from The Body (1970) with Metropolis (1926)
A+ (Album repeats 3 times, a voice quietly says ''go through the door'', it happens on screen each time, coincidence? I think NOT)

CAST AWAY ON AN ISLAND - David Gilmour - On an Island (2006) with Cast Away (2000)
A+ (Really good, music fits the moods, EMOTIONAL!)

ABOUT THE BLADE - David Gilmour - About Face (1984) with Blade Runner (1982)
B+ (Blade Runner fans will love it)


BACK TO THE TIME MACHINE - Alan Parsons - The Time Machine (1999) with Back to the Future (1985)
A+ (Great sync, great timing)

PATH OF SIGNS - Alan Parsons - A Valid Path (2004) with Signs (2002)
A+ (It makes this a GOOD movie)

DARK CLUTURE - Vulture Culture (1984) with The Dark Crystal (1982)
A+ (SOOO GOOD, Best way to watch Dark Crystal as an Adult)

THE SUPER PROJECT - Pyramid (1978) with Superman (1978)
A- (Works well, many great elements to this sync)

ROBOT RUN - I Robot (1977) with Logan's Run (1976)
A++ (First Parsons Sync i tried and it's my ALL TIME Favorite, Must SEE)

LORD OF FREUDIANA - Eric Woolfson's Freudiana (1990) with The Lord of the Rings (1978)
A++ (I don't know how this WASN'T INTENTIONAL)

ULTIMATE A.I. - Ultimate - The Alan Parsons Project (2004) with A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
B+ (NOT BAD, makes the movie better IMO)

• • THE MATRIX - Kid A (2000) with The Matrix (1999) B+
• • IN GATTACA - In Rainbows (2007) with Gattaca (1997) B+
• • 12 HEADED MONKEYS – OK Computer (1997) with 12 Monkeys (1995) B+
• • RADIO RECAL – Amnesiac (2001) with Total Recall (1990) B+