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Some general rules for stream/chat interaction:

1. Be friendly; no hateful language, swearing is fine in a friendly/neutral context, and no arguing.

2. Mods have final say; if you are muted, banned, or your most recent chat is removed, that is at mod discretion.

3. You are allowed to mention your own stream, but not to an excessive degree (more than once is excessive).

4. Do not beg for lino or ask for chest to be opened.

Not too bad, just some common decency type rules. I'm not really strict either, I like having a good time and meeting new people. I love supporting fellow streamers, so show me some love and I will show it right back ^_^
What's up y'all!? My name is Dylan, I'm 24 years old and I have always loved playing video games. I currently reside in Colorado, U.S.A (MST Zone). I've been playing video games since I was about 3 years old, my first game being an original Gameboy Star Wars game.

My all time favorite game would have to be...... SKYRIM, the master daddy of all RPGs. Lately all I have been playing is WoW Classic. I do have A LOT of games to play, so if you want to see me play a game, let me know in the chat, or tweet me on Twitter, and I will let you know if I have it.

I like meeting new people and I have a pretty laid back personality. I'm pretty new to streaming, but I've been having a lot of fun with it so far. My Twitch channel is where I currently have most of my clips and videos from streaming, as it is the first streaming platform I tried. Panel Link in this description for my Twitch Channel if you wanna check those out.

Some more info about me: I love music! I will listen to basically any genre of music, besides country music, but if I had to pick a main genre, it would be Vaporwave or like Techno/EDM? Idk, so many different genres for that kinda music it's hard to tell anymore aha. Some TV shows I really enjoy watching are: King of the Hill, Altered Carbon, and no, I've still never seen Game of Thrones, even though it looks very interesting lol. I have 2 pets, a cat named Kekoa, and a dog name Dyno. My girlfriend and I live together as well, her name is Kiera. My sister lives with us as well, her name is Destiny. During streams you might hear Kiera playing Overwatch, or Destiny watching TV in the background. I love my sweet family to death.

I don't really have a set schedule for streaming, yet, but I have been wanting to do it more and more lately, and I will come up with a set schedule eventually.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! I love chatting! ^_^ If you like my content and the chill vibes I try to maintain, please follow me and let's all grow together. I follow back! Gamers help gamers yo, let's get this big wubble dubble!
Streaming schedule will vary depending on my work schedule. Currently I work 10pm-5am (MST) mostly from Wednesday - Saturday and sometimes in between days off. When I do stream it will more than likely be on my "friday" right after I get off work and I do like to stream for several hours at a time. Follow me on Twitter to find out exactly when I will be starting up.
Follow me on Twitter to be notified of when I plan on streaming!
This will be where my original clips and videos from my first times streaming on a platform. Most of my gameplay is from Apex Legends, and than some random other games tossed in between my streams. I will be streaming mainly on Dlive because I like the platform more, but check it out and follow me there if you like my content. ^_^
Tips appreciated, but not necessary. ^_^