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I've been playing games since I could hold a controller. I have always enjoyed gaming with my friends. Now I can make friends and play games as well. Hit that follow, get on the follower art wall and enjoy your time here! I have been doing this content creation thing since 2014 and have really enjoyed meeting all the people that I have on this journey. I have learned many things on the way, and ignore most of them because I like doing what I want to do. I stream on a mostly regularly schedule, sometimes life or my kids will throw a curveball into the mix. Thanks for reading, and I will see you in stream!

I am co-founder, co- creator, co-ruiner of a multi platform stream team and gamer group called the Veritas Collective. We are just a group of player that like to hang out, play together, and support each other. Intrested? Check us out!
Yasmin is a Lenovo Y50-70 Touch UHD.
Important bits?
Laptop, i7, 16 gig ram, and NVIDA GTX 960M. Other things people don't usually ask about.
Random effects, mess with stream, and fun gifs! All in a blind bag loot chest! Let's have some fun!
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(All times in Central US -0600)

Monday: 0900-1300
Tuesday -Friday: 1000 - 1500
Saturday and Sunday: Family Days

*All Times are subject to late starts or sudden cancellations due to kid sickness or life happenings*
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