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'Sup everyone, o8BitKid here!
So an about me section, this isn't awkward at all!
I'm a British variety streamer hailing from sunny Southeast England. 29 years old which means I've been playing video games for about 25 years. I Started in the 8-bit era, Gameboy in hand and Master System on the TV. Me and consoles grew up together hand in hand and as their power grew so did my skill...ah! Who am I try'n to convince, I'm still still at the same skill level. still I'm never one to be deterred and wont let something as trivial as skill hold me back!

I play a bit of everything but I was brought up on the jRPG's and fantasy games of the 90's and some of my fondest gaming memories are from those times!
These days I am a PC gamer mainly with a bit of Switch thrown in. Play the big titles and the smaller releases too.
My all time top fave games (or series of);

1. Final Fantasy (Series)
2. Mass Effect (Series)
3. The Elder Scrolls (Series)
4. Legend of Mana
5. Chrono Trigger
6. Breath of Fire 3
7. Breath of Fire 2
8. The Legend of Zelda: OoT
9. The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker
10. Resident Evil (Series)

More generally I'm happily married to my Player Two! I'm common as muck and she's very middle class but we enjoy each others time. We live in a small terraced house with our dog and I game whilst she watches trash TV, it works well.

I'm an IT guy, working full time and studying part time to complete my degree so yeah busy times!
Life's hectic and games are an escape for me so although not a regular streamer I will be on as much as I can and I hope to make some great new friends here to escape with me!'