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Gday guys Im ozgoldtimes
Im a 32 yr old guy from Sydney Australia
People who meet me or know me say Im super friendly and energetic
Other hobbies include building and painting warhammer 40k and practicing my photoshop skills. I want to get into youtubing and video editing

Painting Background
Its 2003 and I dude in my group of friends discovers Games workshop and what they sell so the whole group of 8 guys all picked an army to collect as we wanted to battle each other. I was hooked, I enjoyed the painting more than most of the others, still enjoyed a battlle when they didnt take 4 hours to complete.
2009 I sold majority of my collection to a colleague at work, keeping my best painted models and thinking to myself "one day ill come back to this"
2017 I pulled the trigger and started a different army, an army that always interested me and was already chosen by a friend back in 06, this army is the Necrons. I was slowly getting back into the hobby at a comfortable pace without buying too much all at once.
Now its 2020 and Im still collecting Necrons, and now ive started a new army on the otherside of 40k which is Age of Sigmar and ive chosen the Seraphon
Past stream and random painting videos can be found here
I post thoughts here
I post previous work here
Basically a conbination of twitter and instagram is here - thoughts and pictures
Firstly thank you! Any tips go back into the stream like buying models or upgrading equipment
Note: Tips are non-refundable thanks