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Hi and welcome to the stream!

Here's a little intro to get you up to speed if you're new here. Basically, there was a sonic boom and then we were floating in space. At some point somebody made something called a tuba and then people started playing these tubas... they made sounds with waves in the air and then played those sounds in particular ways. They called it "music". They liked music, sometimes they said things like, "music, what a wonderful thing!"

Which basically brings us here, now. And what now? Enjoy yourself, have a great time, whatever! Feel free to ask or share anything in the chat. Make now great again!
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Schedule: Sunday nights

Much more soon!

Follow and turn on notifications to catch unscheduled streams and see lots of exciting things that we'll be rolling out in the coming months. Can't reveal much yet but we're building some really cool stuff at Playtubas Global and will be expanding operations rapidly. For now you're welcome to check out some of the new channels that we're getting ready to launch below and also check out some of the longer running channels that have lots of content already. dans party, for example, has been going on for quite some time... ;)
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