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Hi and welcome! My name is William. Im born in 91 and live in Norway. Im rehabilitating and would like to use this channel to be social, exchange ideas, meditate, exercise, cook and find ways to challenge myself and the viewers.

I am trying to achieve balance. I struggle to be and sit still, my mouth tend to be open and my eyes and face twitch alot. This is in order to liberate staggered energy. I may cover myself.

Im streaming mostly for my own sake and will do everything as I wish. Those who want to join are welcome.

Im open for suggestions and criticism.

I am tagged as a norwegian on twitch because this is the audience I want to prioritize.
I want to include dlive because this was the first streaming-platform (after YT) I was introduced to. I came here when Owen B was banned from YT.

There are still streamers I would like to promote on dlive. As affiliate I will be able to host them.

I also want to be available for you if you want company.
Content: (I will update soon)
I would like to introduce you to Dhyanse and echo his message.

I recently finnished Dhyanses series with Vigyan Bairav Tantra.

Dhyanse went into a silent break for an unspecified period of time that he started 3. june.

I am considering to restream one of his series on this channel. I will update content soon.

These teachings are ancient wisdomtraditions intended to help us on our spiritual path.

Dhyanse Meditation,

Thank you, Dhyanse

Contemplate on the word contemplate.. Its a good word!
Info: Schedule, rehab?
I have not decided what to broadcast and there is no schedule yet.

What and when I stream will be a surprise.

A few accidents and a bad lifestyle. I will make a video and explain some other time. I dont want to repeat myself.

Shoutout to the bears!

hmm... many banned accounts since last time I checked..