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Streamer is offline
I'l l use it on rum and blue V
Most of my activity will be here.
updates, life, notifications, maybe random lives....
probably where most of my personal stuff goes.
Been a bit dead coz busy, but ill get back into it.
one day ill upload another video.... one day.
I'll try to use my discord more, promise...
workin on it... kinda...
Video Card - Fruit loop box
CPU - i69 @ 12 gigatits
Memory - cant remeber
Headset - bean can 2.0
Mouse - little hamster
Keyboard - Casio PT-1
Monitor 1 - 12" sub
Monitor 2 - iphone 3s
Monitor 3 - Mums ipad
Mic- bean can 3.03
cam- just a mirror
100% best place to see everything I'm doing