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Hello Everyone, my name is riley-went-crazy Welcome to my Channel i am new to Streaming so please come and say "HELLO" in chat! and check out what crazy moments we have planned, I hope to make my mark with Dlive and Show the world how riley-went-crazy is taking over! start with me by hitting Follow. I Started Streaming 03/04/19 and i have enjoyed every moment of it so far! I reached 200 Followers on 30/04/19 Dlive has a great friendly community and people are happy to help. I look forward to what the Future brings on Dlive and hope you can join in with me & become part of the riley-went-crazy Family by hitting that Follow Button i have applied for the BIG VP unfortunately I didnt get this time due to lack of Interaction on social media and Discord so please make sure you stop by my Discord Server I have applied for Affiliate 06/07/19 and I hope you will join in with me to grow and progress on both Dlive and Discord.

So A Little Bit About Myself: I am 10 years old and live in England. (UK) I am still at school so my streaming will be limited to when i am home and after i complete my Homework or if i go out somewhere with my parents. I have 4 younger brothers and sisters so my house can get crazy just like me but they can be annoying so i may mute my mic. I like a variety of games really but i mainly Play Roblox or Fortnite.
I used to mainly play on my PS4 or XBOX 1 but i have been converted to PC since Christmas 18 and haven't looked back love it. I like Climbing ,Running, Gaming and Love my Sweets so i may be chomping away on stream (lol)

I have a Discord Server if you would like to come and Join in and be part of riley-went-crazy discord Family.

My Gaming PC Specs:
HP Omen
i7 7700K
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070ti 8GB
512 SSD
Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse
ADX gaming keyboard
1 x acer 21.5" screen

My Other Consoles:
XBOX 1 (Gold Expired)
PS4 Slim (PS+)

Chat Rules (What Rules!)
Please DO NOT Spam on my channel or try to provoke me or be mean, i don't like Bully's you will be banned (why would you want too!)
Please don't ask for Chest to be Opened i will open when i'm ready (But they will be random so stick around they might Drop)
No Racism or Hate Speech
No sexual innuendos or profanity
NO Arguing
MY Parents Monitor & MOD my chat so its at there discretion too!

So Lets drop Some shout outs to some Cool Streamers you need to Check out!! (hopefully will return soon cool streamer)

So every One Sit back and enjoy riley-went-crazy content!
I Hope you Enjoy!!

Don't Forget to Hit that Follow Button!!!!