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Rise Of The Kings - Mobile Device RPG
Gather your friends, old and new, to form an Alliance of determined players willing to work together to create a force of exceptional magnitude. Build your army from among the finest warriors the Elves and Men have to offer. Lead them into battle, protect them from harm, and care for them when the flames of battle have gone out. Crush those enemies that stand in your way, after all, the use of excessive force is the only thing that can solve problems in this chaotic world. This is history in the making, and history is written by the winners.
Do you have what it takes to Rise and become a King?
Accept the challenge and prove your mettle against the best Lords in the Realm. Stake your claim to fame at the top of the rankings. Grow faster, build faster, train faster, and then put it all on the line against the terrifying Orcs, the ghastly Grim Raiders, as well as other ambitious Lords. Do well and others will take notice. Do great and you’ll gain fame. But it takes an exceptional player to challenge the best of the best for the Dragon Throne. Do you have what it takes to Rise and become a King?