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Thanks for coming i well try to make my stream a little better and trey my best to help others that i like/love

pls follow satori_otamotne on Instagram she is my best friend a much greater artiest then me ehe...

No means allow (。+・`ω・´)

give me 50 or over lemon and i will eat a lemon uwu

I'll do
Sowing/sewing/plushy making: commission maybe in 4 years because i still need to learn more sewing stuff
PC Games(sometimes because of my pc) diablo 2/ osu (maybe end of this year a new pc)
Maybe IRL lives at school(next year)
switch games (coming soon with you guys help me)
Some talking while i try to learn new things

main Goal is A present for my senpai a digital tablet for her birthday sep/something (don't get mad at me TWT) (200$)

Sub Goal: GET A GAME CAPTURE CARD 60$ for better video quality

other goal is to save up money for japan trip im going in 2 years

all ways niko niko nee smile