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Where to find me!
FEEL THE RUSH ! Want to know more about this Quirky, Giggling goof ball look in My own little corner of the interwebs, where you can find me talking about games, streamers and all my craziness! Coming soon you will find exclusive on the go game play of games like Pokemon go and Minion Rush !
Giggles are a must !
I love to laugh and have fun while playing games. I say random things and Ballz is my catch phrase. I'm a happy bubbly streamer with the nick name of giggles and if I can make one person smile in a day I have done my job ! Sit back relax and get ready for some positive vibes !
I'm a social BUTTERFLY!
The image will take you too my little corner of Twitter where I keep everyone up to date on my stream and post silly stuff, comment and like other streamers things as well.
You can also find me posting random photos at my instagram as well XD!
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I have Merch !
Want to scream Ballz at the top of your lungs without saying a word ? Maybe you feel like calling the guy driving to close behind you poopy duck ? Now's your chance with my official merch Check it out !
I have a big mouth !
Want to hear "it's raining lemons" for hours on end, maybe you want to just have me scream "Ballz" in your ear constantly. Sound bites are live, thanks to ScorpionKingdom ! What are you waiting for ?
Who makes my Art ?
The one and only Tearsofglitter makes my art, click on the image and be taken away to the far away land where anything you imagine is possible! Don't forget to tell her "Rush" sent you ! Check out Waterfieldgaming if you need panels done !
You can find me !
I have recently made some changes to my schedule, Home schooling has always been a passion of mine and continues to be. I have moved my stream back 1 hour so you will find me on.
Monday 4-7 mst
Tuesday 4-7 mst
Wednesday 4-7 mst
Thursday 4-7 mst
Friday 4-7 mst
Weekends I am off for family time and football ! I am a huge football fan and play tons of Pokemon go on the weekends !
I don't have a lot of rules.
1 Wheaton's Law
2 No racist, mean comments towards myself or my community.
3. Have fun !
4. No follow for follow I will check out content of those who follow and if I like what I see I will follow back.
5. Be ready to giggle when entering channel !