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Sai Who?

Hi! My real name is Stephanie but please call me Sai as I prefer that name 😊. I am from Philippines and okay I know I look like a child but I swear I am already 25 years old! (running 26 on May) FBI stay away!

Talking to viewers is my top priority when I'm streaming so go ahead say Hi to us in the chat!

What She does on her streams?

I play video games, do live drawings, sing, dance, mix of all the mentioned, you name it! lol. So if you're up for some music, chill and giggles, you're in the right place, my dear.

Games I stream/play recently:
ROS (Rules of Survival)
League of Legends
Dota 2
Sypro Reignited
Crash Bandicoot


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Priority GOALS:
1) Maintain an average of 15 viewers per stream <3

2) 15,000 lemons = gtx 1660 super


✔ 30 Subs = Cosplay for the first time
✔ 1,000 Followers = First Karaoke Stream
✔ 2,000 Lino points in one stream to play RESIDENT EVIL 7
30, 000 = New graphics card (will buy soon)


None so far <3
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Donations are optional but would mean the world to me! It will help me a lot in improving my stream quality and content. Also, it will greatly help me to be able to pay bills (especially electricity and internet) so I can continue streaming while still working on landing a job.

Huge shout out to these amazing people for all the love and support! you guys are breathtakingly beautiful people.

1. Doomwave
- the channel MVP thank you so much for being such amazing person and not just in lemons support but for being kind and spreading good vibes! We love you!

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2. Kurtific
- A big streamer here on dlive! (Wink wink) thank you so much for helping me and this channel grow! We love you!

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3. IreneE - Not a streamer but a pro PUBG mobile player! One of my first batch MODS, Thank you chef Azut for all the support from the very beginning til now! We love you!

4. Azoz - A very kind man. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to have a gaming chair! We love you!

5. 1badClown - A very awesome graphics artist and responsible for my amazing layout! Thank you so much! We love you!

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☑ Common Courtesy, greet everyone first before engaging in stream chat.

☑ Respect EVERYONE.

☑ Good vibes ONLY. We are all here to relax and have fun! ;)

☒ NO promoting or posting links unless I allowed you, or if you are a solid member of Sensai Fam.

☒ No excessive cussing, control yourself.

☒ Do not demand for a MOD role. I give that power to whoever I trust and deserves it.

I'm most active on Discord. I would love to hang out with you and have fun with the rest of Sensai Fam even off stream! So join the gang!

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