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Welcome to my channel sargegamingtv.
I am a streamer that likes to make gaming and other content. I have been a streamer for the last 4 years and enjoy the company of people I have met online. I am from the Netherlands and very welcoming to everyone in my streams.
So come on in and say hi.
sargegamingtv is a wonderful person you would ever want to know there is no one like him anywhere! He would be the person you would love to have on your side all times, once you know him he will be a true friend forever! He’s real intelligent and will help anybody who needs help if he can. He's not a person who puts up with fake people he will dismiss you very quick! sargegamingtv is a beautiful person anybody wants for a friend. Plain and simple just treat him right he will do the same!!!! He puts up with no nonsense never try to take advantage of him!! He's a super human being!!!
I would like to take the time to say a big thank you from me to you for taking the time of checking my stream out.
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