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Hi, my name's Jupiter! I usually stream Breath of the Wild, but occasionally I stream games like Minecraft, Hades, Subnautica, Stardew Valley, etc. I use she/her pronouns, and I'm a lesbian!
Besides gaming, I also run an Etsy shop and am currently in university!
Below are some of my handles on other websites:
Twitter: scientist_bird
Etsy: PhoenixDesignsCanada
Donations are very appreciated but not required! Any donations currently go into Jupiter's savings for college. Donations aren't refundable, sorry.
Join me on Discord!
1. No bigotry of any kind! This includes misgendering.
2. Please try to keep political talk to a minimum.
3. Religious talk is fine, but don't push anything on anyone else.
4. Please don't self-promote in chat.
5. Spamming the same message is not allowed. In that same vein, please don't type in ways that are difficult to read (replacing letters for numbers or kooky fonts. abbreviations and general typing styles are not subject to this rule!)
6. Please only type in English or French (I understand a bit of it) for moderation purposes!