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Well for starters I am a 20 Year old dude who enjoy playing games. I play all kinds of games and stream whenever its possible. What I want from DLive is just to experience games with my viewers. I don`t plan on making a living from this, but I do want to get more viewers so I can grow and make more people enjoy my content and who knows? Maybe this could become my work. If you want to ask me any personal questions you are free to do so in my Discord Community Channel or in my stream chat. :)
If you want to know about my streams or just simply want to talk and fool around, my discord community server is the place to go. To get in the server you either have to add me and I will invite you, or see if the picture works and you should automatically get invited. My discord is sejbo8000#3474 :)
If you want to support me feel free to do so. Always remember to ONLY Donate what you can spare. :)
If you feel generous and have money you dont know what to spend on, you can click the image above to support my streams. :)
If you want to see more of my content, you can check out my youtube channel by clicking the image above. :)