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1. Respect DLive TOS / guidelines
2. Respect other DLive streamers
3. No stream advertising
4. Avoid religious debates
5. Don't be cringe
6. Alabama football talk only, no other college football teams allowed
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You guys kept asking for a playlist. Here it is - will update as we listen to some jams on stream.
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Shalit and Jimbo providing live footage from the air. They are the eyes in the sky for the Shalit News Network.

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Health FAQ
On May 27, 2019, I collapsed due to a seizure and was on my right side for 40 hours.

A friend (angel) found me on May 29 and called me an ambulance. I arrived at the hospital with a host of issues, including kidney failure. I was released from the hospital on July 2nd - 35 days later.

After the hospital, I went into an in-patient physical rehabilitation center to learn to walk again. The nerves in my right leg were dead due to me being on my side for 40 hours. This affected me from the right groin down. I was released from the rehabilitation center on July 12 - 10 days later.

Since then, I have moved back home with family for assisted living. I am unable to drive and have regained some walking capabilities, though my nerves are still regenerating and some functionality is slowly being restored.

I have decided to stream as it is a positive outlet for socializing with others.

Hope you all enjoy and this answers a frequently asked question :^)

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