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Hey there & welcome to my channel!
I'm an early 80s child, born & raised in and still hailing from (West-)Berlin, Germany - hence my slight *cough* accent.

I have made my first steps in the video game world on the Atari 2600, and been fixed with the gaming virus ever since.
Eventhough I'm working fulltime, I want gaming to stay a part of my life.
And when I don't get to play myself, I enjoy watching other people play - which is what ultimately led me here to Dlive.

I only stream casually, whenever I have the time and the mood for it - so there's no schedule.
I'll be streaming mainly PS4 games. I spend the most time with Apex, GTA and RDR at the moment, so chances are it's gonna be some of that.

Donations are welcome but not necessary, since I don't plan to cash out or stuff. But you can rest assured, that any lino given to me, will be redistributed to the community.
I don't do social media, other than PSN, Dlive, and maybe your discord...

If you like to add me on PSN, feel free to send a request to s-i-c-k-s-i-d-e stating that you're hailing from Dlive.

Looking for people to play with is one of the reasons I'm streaming at all. 8)
The channel's language is English!
You may address me in German as well, in case you're unable to write in English.
No further exceptions.
Sure, people could use google translate to understand you - but so could you, right?

Eventho when the channel is x-tagged, the Dlive community guidelines are in effect and will be enforced by me or mods present.

However, I'm no snowflake and I don't mind people using strong language in my chat (that does NOT include blatantly insulting other persons).

Not welcome is/are
- excessive drama (including political/religious debates)
- spamming
- chest whores
- toxic trolls
- unrequested posting of links
I like to watch many streamers on Dlive, but here's just a short list of the ones I probably spend the most time watching

Kallisti - gaming streamer. Ask her about the Kallistibird when you get a chance!

Zero - gaming streamer. He's the discoverer of the Kallistibird!

AriesJRS - gaming streamer. Unfortunately he's on a Fortnite trip atm, but he plays cool games as well.

Chaotic - gaming & IRL streamer. If you spend time in her stream without having a laugh, you're probably dead.

RegulusMusic - variety streamer. A jack of many trades, but a jerk in playing Risk.