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About to Return
If you haven't seen me stream here, it is because it has been awhile. I am looking to start streaming again on this platform soon.

More to follow.

Date Updated: -- 2020 - Dec - 11 --

I primarily stream on Facebook Gaming! So please do give me a follow over there!


I do have content planned exclusively for dlive! I am working on it right now and it is coming, so if you've found this page, and are like, oh, he abandoned dlive, think again. I am working on a lot of stuff!
Give us a hint!
Well, I'll spell it out for you, here are the things that are in-fact, coming to dlive for my channel.

- Reruns of gaming from Facebook Gaming
- Reruns of my live stream cooking show from twitch
- Much Music / MTV Style Music Video TV show (my very own)
- Full, 24/7 set stream schedule
- Live Stream of unique content explicitly for DLive (along with the Music)

Basically, My channel is about to turn into a full on TV channel. Not even joking. As this is taking a lot of new hardware to put together to have a 24/7 stream linked to all my other content from other sites, I expect this to be a massive change!

It is coming sooner than you think though. I expect this to be great and fun, I even have guests joining me to build the content! It is going to be great!