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----------=======((( INTRODUCTION )))=======----------

Hello and welcome to my channel.
People know me as simonqwadjke but just call me Simon. I am a 26 year old nerd who just loves casual gaming, programming and well, your usual nerdy stuff.
Here you can expect casual gaming streams, occasional chat and/or programming sessions. I stream alone and with my mates who are also streaming (seriously check them out below)

----------=======((( THE SQUAD )))=======----------


----------=======((( Titles )))=======----------

Here are some of the recurring titles you will see and the game/stream associated with it

Dauntless: On The Hunt
Team Fortress 2: Shitting all over casual
Team Fortress 2: MvM Shenanicans

----------=======((( RULES )))=======----------

What is OK:

1: Free speech is encouraged.
2: Discussions are allowed.
3: Cursing and use of profanity is allowed.

These points are not without exceptions, please pay attention to the following points:

1: Hateful conduct.
___There is a zero tolerance on hateful conduct.
___a: Racism.
___b: Targeting
___c: Bullying
___d: Extremism
2: Self advertisement.
___Do we not have an agreement beforehand, then advertising your channel or someone else's channel is not allowed.
___Are you interested in a featured spot, shout-outs or advertisement of other kind please get in contact with me.
3: Politics and religion:
___These topics are allowed so long it is kept civil
___a: Does a feud arise, stop the discussion or risk a timeout or a ban.
4: Moderation.
___a: I or a moderator reserve the right to intervene in any conversation if we deem it inappropriate.
___b: Decisions made by me or a moderator is final and not up for debate.

----------=======((( Socials )))=======----------
Haven't set up much social media, but I might do if there comes a need for it.
Anyways, since everyone and their aunt have a discord server nowadays, here is mine: