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I'm Kortney. I'm new to this stream business and I got a PC for the first time in years (forgive my learning period). I've been playing video games my whole life. I'm mediocre at best but I love them anyway. Grab a drink and join me for some game play. Thank you for being here.
Go follow me on Twitter! That's where I'm active and you can know when I'm about to stream and help me figure out what I'm streaming! Tap the black Twitter image above!
My current goal is to stream twice a week! I'm going for every Sunday evening and during the week! I might throw in some surprise streams in there too! (My Twitter will let you know though so go follow!) ;)
Any donation helps the stream! I appreciate every single viewer and I am constantly looking for improvements and your donations help a LOT.
↦ Be respectful and kind to one another in the chat. Anything but won't sit well with me.
↦ I am not a professional gamer nor am I actually that great. I know, no need to tell me. I still love the games I play just the same.
↦ This stream account is for FUN. I'm here for fun and I hope that you are too!
↦ Grab a snack and a drink. Enjoy your stay and enjoy the stream!
↦ (Have you checked your posture recently? Straighten your back and take a deep breath. Whatever you are facing will work itself out!)