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I used to play Minecraft back in Beta and stopped playing shortly after Ocelots, Jungles and Potions were added.

A lot had changed in the game, and with hunger and potions being introduced, it didn't feel like the same game. I admit, I may have over reacted just a tad!

With the release of 1.13 I took a gander at a few video's. I got hooked on Evo and Hermitcraft (RIP Evo), and realised Minecraft is still great, and had missed out on a shed-load of changes. Especially in the ability to build better than ever.

Join me as I, rediscover Minecraft by diving straight into 1.14, never having used potions or even a shield, and try to play the buggiest most deadly version of Minecraft yet. (PVP excluded).

A castaway in an unknown world (*cough cough...apart from dabbling in 1.13 creative with some mates)

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