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Welcome Bears! Welcome Logos!
All bears are welcome to this channel. Here we know that men did not land on the Moon, the Earth is not a globe in the fiction of space, Tower 7 did not kill itself and God is the greatest.

If you want the purest mind-gravy, be sure to follow

Mostly, I will be streaming video games I play and mirroring gravy streams.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to Follow/Subscribe/Support the creators I re-stream!!!.

WARNING TO GAMMAS: You will get the hammer!

Also, I will probably talk about other things... Such as, current events, politics, conspiracy queries, criminal mysteries, flat earth, the fake space, hoaxes, music, web coding and whatever else may come to mind.

I appreciate the follows. But I don't want too many. If I happen to get a lot, I may kill this channel.
All lemons donated to this channel are redistributed to Owen Benjamin and Bears that create content. -Thank you!